• Mirror Finished Aluminum Sheet for Jewelry Boxes

    Mirror Finished Aluminum Sheet for Jewelry Boxes

    Mirror finished aluminum sheet is an aluminum sheet which is processed by rolling, grinding and other methods to make the surface of the sheet show mirror effect. Mirror finished aluminum sheet refers to the aluminum sheet that has a mirror effect on the surface of the sheet through a variety of methods such as rolling and polishing. Generally, the mirror-finished aluminum sheets abroad are rolled into coils and sheets. There are many kinds of mirror reflective aluminum sheets, ranging from low to high, including laminated mirror aluminum, domestic polished mirror aluminum, imported polished mirror aluminum, imported oxidized mirror aluminum and super mirror aluminum sheet.

  • 3003 H18 Aluminum Strip for Channel Letter

    3003 H18 Aluminum Strip for Channel Letter

    The raw materials of aluminum strips are pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast-rolled aluminum coil and hot-rolled aluminum coil, which are rolled into thin plate aluminum coil with different thickness and width by cold rolling mill, and then longitudinally cut into aluminum strips with different widths by slitting machine according to application. Aluminum strip is an important ingredient in the production of a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer products. Air conditioners, automobiles, aircraft, furniture, structural components and many other products can involve the use of aluminum strip.

  • 1050 Aluminum Coil for Lamps

    1050 Aluminum Coil for Lamps

    Aluminum coil is a metal product for flying shear after rolling and bending by casting and rolling mill. Aluminum coil is widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, etc. There are many production enterprises in aluminum coil, and the production technology has caught up with developed countries and aluminum coil. According to the different metal elements contained in aluminum coil, aluminum coil can be divided into 9 categories, that is, it can be divided into 9 series.