• Galvanized Steel Bracket For Frames

    Galvanized Steel Bracket For Frames

    Steel brackets exposed to the weather should receive a hot dip galvanised coating to protect from corrosion. Holes drilled to steel brackets are typically drilled 2mm larger than the bolt size being used. Steel brackets can be made from a large range of steel sections, most common are (FMS) Flat Mild Steel, (EA) Equal Angle or (UA) Unequal Angle.

  • Steel Round Bar For Making Tools

    Steel Round Bar For Making Tools

    Steel round bar refers to solid strip steel with circular cross section. It is divided into hot rolling, forging and cold drawing. The specification of hot rolled steel round bar is 5.5-250mm. Among them, 5.5-25 mm small steel round bar is mostly supplied in bundles of straight bars, which are often used as steel bars, bolts and various mechanical parts; steel round bar larger than 25mm is mainly used for manufacturing mechanical parts or seamless steel tube blanks.

  • Q235 Steel Square Bar

    Q235 Steel Square Bar

    Steel square bar is a solid bar. Steel square bar can be divided into hot rolling and cold rolling; The length of hot rolled steel square bar is 5-250mm, and that of cold-drawn square steel is 3-100mm.

    Square steel bar is also called mild steel square bar, carbon square steel bar. Mainly used in the manufacture of petroleum, chemical, gas separation and shipping container or other similar devices, such as all kinds of tower vessels, heat exchangers, storage tank and tank car, etc.