• Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh For Australia

    Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh For Australia

    Steel wire mesh is a general term for mesh materials woven or welded with low carbon steel wire, medium carbon steel wire, high carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire. Production processes are: ordinary weaving, embossing weaving and spot welding. Steel wire is mainly used as raw material and processed into mesh by professional equipment, so it is called steel wire mesh.

  • ASTM A416 Steel Strand For Industry

    ASTM A416 Steel Strand For Industry

    Steel strand is an iron and steel product composed of several steel wires, which can be divided into prestressed steel strand, unbonded steel strand, galvanized steel strand and so on. Galvanized layer, zinc-aluminum alloy layer, aluminum clad layer, copper clad layer, epoxy coated layer, etc. can be added to the surface of carbon steel as required.

  • Q235 10mm Steel Wire Rod

    Q235 10mm Steel Wire Rod

    steel wire rod is also called wire rod, steel wire, widely used in machinery parts, manufacturing industry, electronics industry, metal tools and others. Wire Gauge: Φ 5.5-18mm, customized gauges are acceptable. There are many varieties of wire rods. Low carbon steel wire rods are commonly known as soft wires, and medium and high carbon steel wire rods are commonly known as hard wires. Wire rods are mainly used as drawing blanks, and can also be directly used as building materials and processed into mechanical parts. Stainless steel wire rods is used to manufacture stainless steel wire, stainless steel spring wire, stainless upsetting wire and steel wire for stainless steel wire rope. With the progress of production technology, square, hexagonal, fan-shaped and other special-shaped wire rods have appeared; The upper limit of diameter has been expanded to 38 mm; The plate weight has increased from 40-60 kg to 3000 kg. Due to the development of new heat treatment technology after rolling, the scale on the surface of wire rod is obviously reduced, and the microstructure and properties are greatly improved.