• 316L 0.01mm Stainless Steel Foil For Automobile

    316L 0.01mm Stainless Steel Foil For Automobile

    Stainless steel foil is still characterized by thinness, and thinner products are collectively referred to as foils. Stainless steel foil which is mainly popular in the market is the thickness of more than 0.15 mm. Flat-roll belt rolling is the most widely used manufacturing method of stainless steel foil, which has high productivity, large scale and large output.

    As the name implies, stainless steel foil means stainless steel¬†Foil. Actually, the definition of the word “foil” is not clear, and most of the steels are called foils below 150um. Because there is no standard for stainless steel foil, stainless steel foil is made of stainless steel sheet. Stainless steel foil is used to make spacers on high-sensitivity pressure components in precision instruments, main structural materials and heat exchange materials in steam turbine engines, etc.