A80 Steel Truss Lattice Girder For Carport

A80 Structural steel trusses lattice girder are the metallic support mechanism, found under the roof to provide support. Generally, roof trusses are made out of two materials, steel and timber.

Steel truss with steel rebars as the upper chord, lower chord and web members and connected by resistance spot welding are called steel truss. Steel truss made out of steel structures are a common choice among commercial, industrial and large residential complexes.

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1)Material: HRB400
2)Technique: Cold rolled, Hot rolled
3)Surface treatment:galvanized.
4)Grade: A80
5)Length: 3-12m, as per customers’ requirement
6)Upper chord diameter: 8mm
7)Lower chord diameter: 6mm
8)Diagonal wire diameter: 4mm
9)Width: 80mm
10)Height: 80mm
11)Welding spacing: 200mm
12)Packing: standard sea-worthy packing


Advantages Economy: The mode of truss is reasonable with low price and has an obvious advantage in this area; Can be designed as double-sides deck.
Convenient: Shorten the project construction time; Reduce temporaty support.
Security: Good performance of cracking resistance and fire resistance;
Reliability: good property to prevent earthquake.
(1)Light in weight ,high intensity, huge loading capacity as well as good anti-earthquake capacity.
(2)Simple in construction operation, easy to install.
(3)Can act as a part of the structure of weight bearing, to reduce the cost of material.
(4)Put the panel above the welded wire net fill cement between them.
(5)This type of steel truss floor decking sheet has the strong friction between the concrete and floor slab, being fire resistant.
(6)The steel truss is connected with steel bar ,making it have the higher strength.


1)Applied to precast slabs, pre-high-speed railway sleeper.
2)Used in many high-rise, ultra- high-rise steel buildings
3)Used for steel building, mezzanine floor of “LOFT”
4)The force applied to the complex, special-shaped structure, building
5)Used in-situ concrete structure(RC) buildings
6)Used in the construction of slope roof structure

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