2021 Zhanzhi Group Annual Management Conference Report

The 2021 Zhanzhi Group annual business meeting was held in Sanjia Port, Pudong New Area, Shanghai from March 25th to 28th. 54 people including group executives, general managers of subsidiaries, and headquarter department managers attended the meeting. The agenda of this meeting includes the 2020 business situation report and the 2021 work plan, the group line, the work report of each branch company and each processing plant, the seminar on the integration of industry and trade, the Feichang management special discussion, the business reform promotion issue discussion, Industry operation seminars and other content. The atmosphere of the meeting was good and the content was detailed, which provided everyone with an opportunity to learn from each other and achieved certain gains.


General Manager Sun Concluding Speech

The 2021 Zhanzhi Group’s annual business meeting is about to come to an end. I am very pleased to see that everyone is full of confidence and fighting spirit to achieve new goals. In the past few days, everyone’s thinking, views on issues, and prospects have become clearer and deeper and better. Any innovation and reform need to have culture as the foundation, and it is difficult to meet the difficulties, so that it is not easy to be imitated and not easy to be surpassed. The company must follow the service strategy line, must have the service ability, must focus and be professional, in order to continue to develop. Management is a tactic, which requires measures and grasping paths to achieve. Based on the mission and correct values, we will open up a new path. As long as the company exists, reform will exist, and as long as the general direction is clear, reform will bring about qualitative changes. Open the company’s long-term development route, not forget the original intention, realize the sense of accomplishment, realize the goal, and realize the common development of the company. Comply with the reform, plan, invest, persist, and move forward unswervingly!

During the meeting, all the participants came to Pudong’s first country park and took part in a 6-kilometer trek, passing by large farmlands and various flowers and plants. Everyone returned to the embrace of nature, walked, talked, and got in the mood. Infinite relaxation.


Through the meeting, everyone’s convictions were firmer, the direction was clearer, and the enthusiasm increased. We worked hard in accordance with the requirements of the meeting to ensure the completion of the work tasks throughout the year and the realization of the work goals.


Post time: Apr-10-2021

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