Fighting waves and flying boats, calm waves

In the hot summer, it is a good time to play in the cool water, ushering in the second quarter of 2021 Xiamen Zhanzhi activities-Zhangzhou Changtai rafting.

zhanzhi group 1

Changtai rafting is called “Fujian’s No. 1 Drift”. The whole course is 8 kilometers, with beautiful mountains and rivers, with a total drop of 62 meters. The microwave is sparkling at rest. When the busy hands put down the mobile phone, the running mind unloaded the burden, the birds and the insects, the gurgling of the water were heard between the boats, the joys and laughter returned to the basics, and the troubles were forgotten. I closed my eyes and rested my mind in the still water, and suddenly heard my companion cheering that there was a falling torrent ahead. I was caught off guard but was full of joy. I grabbed the small boat and drifted into the torrent. Look at the dynamic mood of “Yizhou, haunting the storm”.

zhanzhi group 2.1

Every time in the wide rest area where the waves are calm and peaceful, the friends will fight in groups on the kayaks, which is very interesting. During the rafting process, the friends help each other, “love and kill each other, or enemy or friend” makes people extremely excited. A simple drifting experience better enhances mutual friendship, which makes people have endless aftertastes and fresh memories.

zhanzhi group 3

Stop and go, the perfect fusion of man and nature, this is actually a state of life that many of us pursue. Back in real life, isn’t the relationship between us and the big family of Guangdong Zhanzhi just another interpretation of “man and nature”? Only by rooting in “nature”, growing together, advancing and retreating together, and meeting all unknown difficulties and challenges together, can we achieve the perfect integration of “man and nature”. This is the meaning of our existence in this big family, and we do well. The highest pursuit of this career.

Post time: Jul-20-2021