Build a learning style and create a lean team

With the needs of the company’s transformation and upgrading, our focus has been more on the development and service of end customers, focusing on variety operations, focusing on industry development, and improving the overall professional service capabilities have become our goals. Under the co-creation of the group and the company, we will enhance our specialization through technical training and human resources training, and enhance our business breadth and process standardization through the training of internal and external courses, and enhance professional skills through various lines. Training to promote the transformation of theory and work practice.
In order to build a learning team, improve the company’s overall management skills, build a lean team, and read management books independently is also one of the ways to improve everyone’s management knowledge and method skills. At the same time, by reading books, people can broaden their horizons, open up wisdom, enrich emotions, and infiltrate life. In order to promote the reading style, create a good reading atmosphere, and set a benchmark for learning growth, we organized the first reading sharing activity of Zhanzhi Group in 2021 to further deepen the concept of “love to read, read well, and study hard”.

zhanzhi group 1.2
For the first reading sharing activity, we selected suitable management books, which were selected and read by the managers of each department. Such as “The Essence of Business”, “Five Obstacles to Teamwork”, “Enabling”, “Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance”, “Don’t Let the Monkey Jump Back on Their Back”, “Grow of Potential”, etc. are well received by everyone.
The managers seem to have returned to their school days, using their spare time to read and study, take notes, draw key points, excerpt classic management quotations, and conduct reading and exchanges in private, forming a “learning style”. In order to improve the quality of reading, display the results of reading, and share the gains of reading, the first reading sharing event kicked off on the morning of May 22nd, and personnel above the supervisor level participated in the sharing and exchanges.

zhanzhi group 2
The managers shared what they learned, felt, and used in the reading process with everyone. The colleagues in the audience also actively thought, spoke freely, and combined the problems at work with the management methods in the book, and exchanged and discussed with each other. The executives commented on the sharers and rated them from the dimensions of content understanding, learning and application, wonderful display, and time control. There was a collision of thinking between the stage and the stage, and the atmosphere was full of enthusiasm.

zhanzhi group 3
This reading sharing activity is a beginning. In the future, we will hold more learning sharing activities, create a knowledge sharing platform, and actively guide the majority of employees to form a good trend of emphasizing learning, advocating learning, and persisting in learning. Combining theoretical study with actual work, using theory to guide practice, promote work, promote the learning style of Zhanzhi Group, and hope that everyone will become better and better selves and more and more connotative selves!

Post time: Jun-10-2021