SY295 Hot Rolled U Steel Sheet Pile For Construction

Hot rolled U type steel sheet pile is a steel sheet pile produced by hot rolling through welding. Because of the advanced technology, its lock bite has tight water resistance.

Hot rolled U type steel sheet pile process is : Hot-rolled steel has been pressed at temperatures over 1,700F, which makes it easier to shape and form. 1) A large rectangular beam, called a billet, is heated and flattened into a large roll; 2) The roll of steel is run through a series of rollers, still at extremely high temperatures, to achieve the desired dimensions and shape.

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1)Grade: SY295/SYM295 or SY390/SYM390
2)Type: U
3)Technique: hot rolled
4)Length: 12m, or as per customer’s requirement
5)Service: painting, punching
6)Packing: standard sea-worthy packing

Some hot rolled steel sheet pile size

steel u sheet pile 4
steel u sheet pile 5
steel u sheet pile 6
steel u sheet pile 7


1)More durable interlocks: This allows the sheets to be driven and pulled many times before the interlocks are worn out

2)Better-suited for hard pile driving: The interlocks on hot-rolled sheet piles are also thicker and tighter than that of cold-rolled sheet pile. This gives the sheet piles greater strength to be driven into tough ground conditions

3)Higher recycled steel content: LEED requirements sometimes dictate the use of recycled materials. Hot-rolled sheet piles have almost 100% recycled steel content, while cold-formed sheet piles typically consist of around 80% recycled material

4)More water-tight: Hot-rolled sheet piles perform better in seepage tests, due in large part to the tighter interlocks

5)The construction is environmentally friendly, and the amount of soil taken and concrete used is greatly reduced, which can effectively protect land resources.


Hot rolled U type steel sheet piles have been extensively used in both permanent and temporary works throughout the world. Hot rolled U type steel sheet pile is widely use in flood project, construction project, wharf construction and so on.

steel -u-sheet-pile 8

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