Forecast: Social Treasury has decreased comprehensively

In the 10th week of 2023, the price changes of the price of 43 specifications (varieties) of the 17 categories (varieties) of the original steel and steel products in some parts of the domestic areas were as follows: the market prices of the main steel varieties have fluctuated. Compared with last week, the rising varieties increased, and the level was flat. The varieties have decreased, and the decline varieties have decreased slightly.
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In 2023, the main expected goal of China’s economic development is about 5%of the GDP. It is necessary to focus on expanding domestic demand, setting up and expanding consumption in priority, stabilizing large consumption, and promoting consumption of living services; government investment and policy incentives need to be Effectively drive the investment in the whole society. This year, it is planned to arrange a special government bond of 3.8 trillion yuan to accelerate the implementation of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” major project, implement urban renewal operations, promote regional advantages, exhibit their strengths, encourage and attract more private capital Participate in the construction of major national projects and shortcomings to stimulate private investment vitality. For the steel market, expanding domestic demand and stabilizing large consumption will significantly pull the demand for manufacturing steel significantly. At the same time, speeding up the implementation of the “14th Five -Year Plan” major projects and urban renewal operations will drive the release of construction steel demand.
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In the short term, with the acceleration of expanding domestic consumer demand and major project projects, manufacturing steel demand and building steel demand will form a synchronous recovery situation. From the perspective of the supply side, due to the driving of the demand for the high season and the fluctuation of steel prices, the profits of steel mills have continued to improve, production enthusiasm continues to increase, and the supply side will show a slight rise. From the perspective of demand, the gradual recovery of the demand for downstream terminal procurement has also led to the increase in the demand for the replenishment of some traders, and the market transaction has gradually changed to the situation of the vector.
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From the perspective of cost, due to the stability of raw material prices, the cost support of the short -term steel market still maintains toughness, but due to the attention of the regulatory speculation of the price of iron ore, the price of iron ore in the later period will be under pressure Essence The domestic steel market will show a volatile rising market this week (2023.3.13-3.17), but the market transactions will restrict the rise.

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